Linear drains – the best for any household

Purchase now the new channel drainage systems and you will say goodbye to all of the problems which came with using the obsolete point drain systems. The latest that the technology has to offer, the linear drains are sought more and more by our customers – stylish and reliable, they are easy to install and low maintenance, even when not compared to the alternatives.

And the alternatives are the traditional point drains (which can come either by themselves, either already incorporated in readymade shower cabin floors). For example, for installing point drains you have to take into account several aspects when establishing a new design of your wet room – and the one which brings the most headaches is the floor itself. Thus, you will have to concentrically tilt the tiles of the floor towards the drain, which is usually (and recommended to be placed) in the middle of the room.

Unlike when installing new channel drains, this positioning facilitates the infiltration of water beneath the tiles. Furthermore, because water is collected on a smaller area, the risk of clogging is greatly reduced – for this same reason, the drain won’t be able to collect larger flows of water, which means that the risk of overflowing and flooding are also increased.the best drain for any household

Families with children should definitely take into consideration changing these obsolete systems with the new linear drains. Long and narrow profiles, they collect the water on a larger area, reducing the risks. Furthermore, they are very easy to maintain, because the larger impurities cannot pass – just use a piece of cloth whenever needed and you won’t encounter the difficulties which came with traditional point drains.

The linear drains are also very inconspicuous and they won’t ruin the aesthetics of your wet room like a circular hole in the ground would. Long and narrow, they are usually placed beside one of the wet room walls (though they can also be placed in one of the corners). And this also means that you won’t have to burden yourself with respecting a concentric tilt of the tiles. Instead, you need just to have a minimum inclination of the floor towards the place where the new channel drainage system was installed.

You can also choose to personalize your new drain system by appealing to our services. Thus, besides choosing how long and how narrow the profile will be, you can also choose the material from which it will be made. Usually, people go for the basic stainless steel – but, for example, if you can have the latest antimicrobial compounds for an extra fee, why wouldn’t you choose them?

E.C.T Drain for Shower UK – You can also personalize the gratings of the profile – we already have plenty of modern designs, but we are always open to new suggestion (maybe you want personalized inscriptions on the gratings). The personalization of the new channel drains can go as far as installing LED lighting, to add to the aesthetics of the wet room.

There is no need to rely on obsolete and faulty systems for your relaxation and comfort when taking a shower and beyond – install the best you can find on the market! Give us a call and our teams of professional plumbers and salesmen will guide you in the right direction.

Call us and find the best channel drainage system for your household and enjoy your baths and showers like any man should! Learn how to install channel drains.

Professional and experienced cleaning technicians

For professional cleaning services, call Bexleyheath cleaners – our teams of professionals are standing by, with the best indications and suggestions you can find. Until now, we have had no complaints from our clients – and it has been a while since we have been on the market.

And the reason why we have become reliable is that we can adjust our services and our schedule according to the clients’ needs. In this way, our maids and cleaning technicians will arrive at one’s home just in time before he leaves. They will finish their work just before the client comes back home, everything being as clean and as tidy as possible.experienced cleaning technicians

In the same way we can make our schedule when cleaning offices and office buildings. In this way, our professional cleaning technicians will do their work either in the evenings, either in the weekends. Of course, just like in the first case, we are always open for suggestions. Bexleyheath cleaners is a cleaning company which respects its clients and which will go to great lengths in order to provide the best services.

Other than our cleaning services, we can offer help in any other situations, such as the following. The one-off cleaning services are usually required for after-party cleaning. However, we can provide assistance before and during also – whether it is in the kitchen, whether it is for the waiting services, we can provide you this kind of help. Tips…

The gardening duties are more than just trimming of the bushes or of the trees, or just removing the garden compost. Our teams can also help you with other tasks, such as lawn laying or feeding, or even to give your garden a special design.

Although a small one, we are one of the few cleaning companies which can offer you all the services required for the maintenance of your own private residence.

However, we are also available for anything concerning the cleaning of offices and office buildings. You can find a list of all the services and packages of services, which will make our fees even more affordable. Better yet, you can simply call Bexleyheath cleaners and just simply ask – you will find the answers you need and our maids and cleaning technicians will be at your place whenever you call them.

We can also say, again, that all of our clients were satisfied by our work. However, just in case, we can tell you that we have also prepared for the unwanted. If you are dissatisfied in any way by the services of our maids and cleaning technicians, then give us a call (within a certain timeframe, depending on the services you required) and we will take care of any unwanted situation, free of any charge.

In our modern age, time is the most expensive and rarest of all the commodities. You shouldn’t waste it on doing the cleaning chores needed for the maintenance of your home. Spend it with your family and friends, in the most pleasant, relaxing and fun ways as possible.

Call Bexleyheath cleaners and we will take care of the rest.