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Linear drains – a modern design for a modern wet room

If you want to make a change and raise the quality of your life, then start with the new channel drains – the modern solution for a modern household. While the traditional point drains can still be found in most of the households, more and more of our customers replace their wet room drains with these new and improved models. And why wouldn’t they, when the linear drains diminish all the risks the traditional point drains presented?

Usually, most people tend to forget to change the wet room drains when moving into a new house or when renovating. And that is because the traditional point drains do their job very well, even after they become faulty – this isn’t necessarily a good thing as you may believe. While the traditional drains may handle the flow of water even after becoming clogged, for example, when you notice there is something wrong it is already too late. Unlike the channel drains, the traditional point drains facilitate all sorts of other problems, such as water infiltration, overflowing, flooding and so on. And when these happen, you may start over again with the renovating of the wet room.modern design for linear drain

And this basically leads to a bigger investment of both time and money from your part – which could have been prevented from the first place. So make this one of you top priorities when moving or renovating – change your drain system with a new one.

And if you do that, why shouldn’t you change it with the latest that technology has to offer? With a simple and yet stylish design, the linear drains are the best you can find on the market. They are easy to install, since they are placed beside one of the wet room walls. So, unlike with a traditional point drain, you will only need a small inclination of the floor towards the drain. Because of that, the risk of water infiltrating beneath the tiles is basically inexistent – so there will be no rancid smell in your wet room, as well as no water spots on the ceiling of the room beneath it.

The stainless channel drainage can also handle larger flows of water, while they are also harder to clog. And that is because of their modern design – long and narrow profiles, they collect the water and its impurities on a larger area, instead of collecting it directly into the pipe. You only need to wipe the profile with a piece of cloth from time to time and remove the impurities – thus, they are also low maintenance.

And these are just a few of the advantages of these new wet room gullies that you can take advantage of. Nonetheless, we also need to mention that you can add a bit of personality to your new drain system. In this way, you can choose the material from which they are made (from the basic stainless steel to the latest antimicrobial compounds), their design and length, the design on the gratings, personalized inscriptions on the profile and gratings, and so on. You can even accessorize the drains with LED lighting, for example.

Of course, these new types of drains may cost a bit more than the traditional point ones. However, they are worth every penny when taking the benefits into consideration.

So replace your old drain system now with the new channel drains and benefit from the best deals and discounts! Check out our website or, better yet, call us now!