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The perfect inground swimming pool

We know that the hot season is over – but what will you do when the next one comes? Consider purchasing any of our polyester swimming pools models and next year, in the first hot day, you will be able to have some splashy fun times. If you call now, you will certainly receive a discount – so take into consideration our special offer and make an investment which will pay off in the shortest amount of time.

We say that because a swimming pool is indeed an investment – it is an investment into your own lifestyle. In this way, during a hot day, you won’t have to crank to maximum the air conditioning system. With a swimming pool, some chaise lounges, and an umbrella you will be able to relax no matter how hot it gets.

As far as the inground swimming pools are concerned, the polyester swimming pools are the ones requested by most of our customers. And that is because they are cheaper than the alternatives and they can come in any shape and sizes. Thus, it all comes down to this: how much money you want to invest and how much space you have in your garden or backyard.The best pool

After you’ve solved these two (pretty easy) problems, you can consider what shape your new swimming pool should have. While the basic model comes from prefabricated sections which are joined together when installed, this doesn’t mean that new designs cannot be taken into consideration. By all means, we have a team of professionals who can design the swimming pool of your dreams – you just have to call us and tell us your idea.

Usually, the swimming pool comes with stairs at one end – but you can come up with your own idea. For an increased durability of the walls, the pool will be reinforced with vinyl ester. Also, while the polyester is itself waterproofed, additional waterproofing will be provided by PVC linings and membranes. So you can rest assured – there will be no infiltration of any kind, especially if you go for any of our indoor polyester swimming pools.

But a swimming pool isn’t just a hole in the ground. With us, the water purifying and filtering systems will be installed completely free. Furthermore, you can opt for extra features, such as the water heating, the dehumidifier (for indoor pools, which regulates the humidity and heat in the room), and so on. You can even opt for a touchscreen display of all the swimming pool’s options.

Of course, you do need to cover it to keep it as clean as possible, even during the hot season. For that, you can opt for the usual cheap tarp, or you can go for the shutters (which can be controlled via the touchscreen or remote control). We have got it all covered, at the best prices on the market.

If you call us now, you can benefit from our other offers as well, which include everything needed for sunbathing, from chaise lounges to umbrellas.

So don’t wait until the summer has arrived – invest now in any of our prefabricated polyester swimming pools or come up with your own designs. In this way, when the summer arrives, you will be able to enjoy every second, starting from the first sunny day. UK outdoor swimming pools for sale